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Should the Shores' Community Pool be open to all homeowners?

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FEBRUARY 18, 2009

At last night's Service Corp Board meeting, homeowners were in attendance expecting to get answers to some very important financial matters confronting the Shores community. Rather than answers, homeowners left with more questions, as the Board collectively dodged most of the questions and concerns raised throughout the evening. This post is an attempt to editorialize the evenings proceedings.

A/C Bids for Riverview Club
This $100,000.00 project was placed on the back burner. After spending over $4,000.00 on a "professional" engineer to write the bid specifications and requirements for the new A/C unit, it was determined, after advertising for bidders and receiving bids, that what has been recommended by this "professional" is not available on the market and the process must begin again with no costs determined.

Joint Meeting with Recreation and Social Organization
A joint meeting with the Service Corp Board was requested by the President of the Recreation Association. (Nancy Willis) Questions were asked of Service Corp President Jerry Zinn regarding the reason for the meeting. Although he was able to persuade his Board to host the meeting, he stated to the attendees that he didn't know why the meeting was requested or what the agenda would be.

Pool Survey Findings
The pool survey results were announced with the results being 60% in favor of continuing to operate the pool with use fees and 40% sharing other opinions. Questions and concerns were raised by many homeowners regarding the deceptive language in the survey as well as the survey being structured in a way to favor the Board's preferred method of operation.

Homeowners also complained that no mention was made that under the use fee option, homeowners are still subsidizing the major portion of the operating costs and maintenance of the pool and related pool baths. During related questioning, President Zinn announced that the pool survey had cost homeowners over $3000.00 and the board would be taking no action related to the survey at this time. Treasurer Racicot broke down the survey mailing costs to be $700.00 for stamps, $700.00 for envelopes, a lot of paper and "lots of labor hours".

Landscape/Maintenance Bids
Nine sealed landscape, grounds maintenance bids were received and opened. Packages were examined to assure that all requested info was present. After discussion, a vote was taken to reduce the bids to a short list of four finalists. These candidates would be researched further with regards to quality of work, staff, equipment and general working experience.

The finalists and quoted prices were;

Luke Brothers
$264,795.00 Annually

Tru Green
$274,000.00 Annually

$279,000.00 Annually

Austin Outdoor
$295,428.00 Annually

Homeowners asked what the procedure would be to select a finalist and no clear Board answer was given. Board Vice President Alan Baker was questioned by a homeowner as to why he had not recused himself from the short list vote. (his son owns Baker Landscaping) Baker stated that he could not recall the vote. (the vote had taken place less than 20 minutes prior with Baker voting in the affirmative)

Women's Pool Bath House

A vote was taken by the Board to refurbish the women's pool bath at a cost of $8,000.00. Nothing was explained regarding how the money would be spent, where it would come from and what was needed. The Board further stated that refurbishment would be completed prior to the pool opening for the season.

Committee Reports

ACC Committee

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Budget Committee
Committee Chair Racicot stated that the budget would be presented to the Board on Wednesday February 25 at 4:30 pm at a Special Board Of Director's meeting.

Facilities Committee
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Security Committee
Committee Chair Weingaertner stated that a license plate image capturing camera had been installed at the storage compound and that another camera previously installed there had been disconnected. Weingaertner also mentioned that cameras at the Riverview Club facilities had been moved. Weingaertner further stated that some installed cameras were not functional because of light pollution.

There was no mention of what repositioning of these cameras cost the homeowners, what would be done with the disconnected camera or the costs incurred for the new compound camera.

Parks And Grounds Committee
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Directors Comments
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Input From Members
Additional homeowner questions were raised regarding why the pool survey was written as it was and President Zinn responded by stating "Because that's the way it was written" No further answers were furnished.

Questions were asked of all Board members regarding the alleged overcharging of Association Fees. Board members dodged the question and refused to address the issue. President Zinn stated that he had no comments at this time but might discuss it in the future.

A couple of homeowners asked about the status of an alleged deed restriction violation regarding homeowner Janice Watson and the Board collectively stated that it was being researched. (this issue has been "researched" since August of 2008)

The Board was asked why it continues to enforce deed restriction violations when it clearly is in violation of its own deed restrictions related to collections of association fees. All Board members refused to answer the question.

Motion To Adjourn; So Moved
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