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Should the Shores' Community Pool be open to all homeowners?

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March 11, 2010

Although it had been my intent to let those in controlling power of the St. Augustine Shores Service Corporation seal their own fate, it has become apparent that, rather than address the issues which I have raised and seek resolution for the betterment of the community, the intent of our Board of Directors, Management and paid assassins is to spin the issues and attempt to assassinate the credibility of the messenger.

While this may be a successful ploy to win elections, it definitely does nothing to add credibility to those in power. Not one issue that has been brought before this governing body can be disputed or questioned.

Because of the lack of an ethical backbone and moral character, Zinn and Racicot will continue to attack anyone that stands in their way of complete dominance over our community. They have no respect for the truth or your money and will use any means necessary including recruiting other soldiers into their fight.

The Board of Directors meeting that was held on Wednesday March 10, 2010 was an embarrassment to anyone that is a member of the St. Augustine Shores Service Corporation.

Enough information and enough time has been provided to our Board of Directors to address the improprieties raised by many members of our community and to eliminate the self serving special interest programs and decisions that cost each and every homeowner in our community.

What is most absurd is that a local Realtor, Susanne Murphy, was in attendance handing out a flyer stating that I had only lived in the Shores for 2 years and was costing the Shores a lot of money. I think she needs to check her facts on both counts.

The truth of the matter is that this individual, other members of our community and some Board members are really not aware of how badly the homeowners have been taken advantage of for years. In fact, if Susanne Murphy would contact me she would realize that the issues that I have brought forward, if properly addressed and rectified "WILL" increase property values and increase the sales of Shores property!!

Before you get caught up in the trap of lies and deceit, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What does Mr. Goldstein know that the Board doesn't want him to share with the community?

2. What has the Board of Directors accomplished in the last few years?

3. Why am I paying property taxes for facilities that I can't use?

4. Why does the Board Vice President's sons land all of the Shore's contracts?

5. Is this community better or worse than when I moved in?

6. Am I treated with respect?

6. If I had to do it again, would I move here?

If you are really honest and do some soul searching, you know the answers to the questions. Maybe due to a total lack of performance and credibility, the personal attacks used by Zinn, Racicot and others are their only means to win an election and maintain total control.

For me, its not about elections, but more about giving the community back to you and assuring that every homeowner is represented equally and receives what is rightfully theirs.

Now try and "Spin" that!!

Written by : Keith Goldstein
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