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Should the Shores' Community Pool be open to all homeowners?

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March 9, 2010

So, the Town Hall Meeting held last week was, in my opinion, a great event that should be held more often.

However, while videotaping the meeting, I noticed many of the current Board Members shifting in their chairs as less-than-pleasant issues were brought to the surface. That, coupled with additional input from our fellow homeowners in regard to those issues had one Board Member leave early, another became angered by the lack of phone calls he receives from homeowners and the leader of the pack, looked at times like he would much rather be anywhere else in the world but at that meeting.

Mr. Zinn, president and currently-running incumbent, seated next to the Service Corp’s much-used attorney, looked pale and very uncomfortable. Then, in his typical ’style’ stood up and acted as his own Spin Doctor, convincing the reporter for The St. Augustine Record that he was sincere and willing to work things out. I assure you all that at this week’s Board Meeting (Wednesday, March 10th @ 7pm) everything will be right back to the way it was before the meeting…Same Old, Same Old!

I was NOT fooled by Mr. Zinn’s little speech, and his ’sincerity’…I’ve seen it all before and it’s been played, he needs to find a new act because those of us who attend meetings regularly can probably repeat it all verbatim.

As for another board member present, it was no surprise to me that he had ALOT to say…heatedly as usual. He doesn’t understand why we, the homeowners, have a problem with certain things: paying thousands of dollars more for our landscaping service, how his position on the Board is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST, and a myriad of other issues. Hmmm…homeowners like me must just be really stupid—W-R-O-N-G! I don’t know about you all, but I am seriously tired of overpaying for services, subsidizing amenities for a select few, being dismissed when asking questions of the Board AND rarely getting an actual answer.

A few homeowners stood up to speak, one even fearing retribution for doing so and some stating how poorly they were treated by the Board, the General Manager and repeatedly the office staff. What is wrong with this picture?

Things CAN be different. Things CAN be better. PLEASE VOTE for anyone else but the incumbents…that is the only way to change things for the better and stop the Same Old, Same Old. Let’s start sharing the amenities, having compassion for our neighbors, taking pride in our neighborhoods, and enjoying some activities for the youth and families in our community.

Let’s be NEIGHBORS helping NEIGHBORS…we need to start watching out for each other because currently, it is my opinion, that some on our Board aren’t doing that for us…like they were voted in to do!

Written by: Kristen Thomas, Contributing Writer

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