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Should the Shores' Community Pool be open to all homeowners?

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April 2, 2009

A joint meeting was held earlier today between the Shores Service Corporation and The Shores Rec and Social Association. The meeting was requested by Rec Association President, Nancy Willis.

Ms. Willis stated that the meeting was called to discuss issues related to the usage of the facilities by the Rec Association and Ms. Willis felt that due to the fact that her organization was the biggest renter of the facilities that this meeting was warranted.

What was revealed by Ms. Willis is that the Rec Association currently has a membership of close to 300 and that no current programs run by this organization are centered around families or our community's children. She further stated that the Rec Association was formed solely to serve older citizens of the community and that it was not their desire to serve the rest of the community.

Mr. Zinn, President of the Service Corporation, asked for the support of the Rec Association regarding the formation of programs geared to other age groups within the Shores. Rec Association Vice President Raul Olivera showed interest in such a program and stated that it should be the county to run such programs. Both Ms. Willis and Rec Association Director Barbara Reny were adamantly opposed to becoming involved in any programs beyond what was current.

Ms. Reny further stated her opposition to have any children in the Riverview Club and was met with agreement by Service Corporation Treasurer, Beatrice Racicot. Ms. Racicot further stated, when mentioned that many residents were not familiar with the Riverview Club Facilities, that "It's there problem, not ours".

After further discussion regarding programs and how to notify the community regarding what families would like, Ms. Racicot further stated that "it's not the (Service Corp) Board's job to communicate with the community".

Folks, it is important to note that Rec Association President Nancy Willis is a candidate for the Service Corp Board and has shown zero interest in the children and families of this community. The Rec Association as a whole, while using the facilities funded by families in this community, has no interest in what's best for the whole of the community.

Please also note that Deborah and Kevin Dunne were approached approximately 3 months ago by the St. John's County Parks and Recreation Department with the hopes of developing community based programs for Shores children. The Dunne's asked that the request be forwarded to our Community Manager, Joseph Smith and the Service Corporation Board of Directors.

Neither Smith nor any member of the Board had the decency to represent the best interests of families in this community by following up with the County. This is just another example of the whole of the community being deceived and misrepresented by the very few in power. I ask that all Shores families become involved in our community and help right the wrongs of yesterday and today in order for us to have a better tomorrow.
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