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Should the Shores' Community Pool be open to all homeowners?

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Managing Editor
March 16, 2009

This is my first post since assuming the role of Managing Editor. My original goal was to become involved in this publication in a slow, gradual and very general way. So much for that idea!!

With what is happening currently in our community, maybe I'm not the right guy for the job. I believe a Washington Post reporter would be better suited to this position.

Well, if you thought that politics in Washington was a dangerous and dirty game, maybe it is time for you to take in a Service Corporation Board meeting. Please, no children or those will health issues allowed to attend. Space Mountain at Disney World is a safer ride and the seats are more comfortable!

As campaign season reaches its prime, the current Service Corporation Board is showing that it's not quite ready for prime time!

Apparently members of this evil empire are attempting to discredit candidates running for Board seats. When I say discredit, it means absolutely nothing to do with the issues.

This Board has not been able to counterclaim any problems, comments or suggestions mentioned as part of any of the candidate's platform. This evil empire, disguised as a Board, has now ordered character assassinations and outright physical threats in order to remove candidates from this race. I know this reads like a bad Tom Clancy novel, but unfortunately, the events as posted are true. And, by the way, I retain the movie rights!

The methods that this evil empire will resort to in order to retain complete power over others is unbelievable. Is their anyone out there that is really drinking their Kool-Aid?

One of our most respected residents was recently accosted while working at our local supermarket by one of their paid assassins. The reason, her husband is a candidate for a Board seat.

A retired cop serving on the Board is using his self proclaimed, self important, self indulging influence in an attempt to destroy a candidate's character. At a recent Board meeting this retired "Barnie Fife" dramatically tried to paint such a bleak picture of a candidate that the audience left wondering, "What's Barnie been smokin?"Apparently Ole Barnie must have deputized a few others because soon he had the majority of his Board screaming "Hang The Candidate."

As campaign season continues I would like to share something taught in Journalism School many years ago (many, many!), "Believe Nothing That You Hear and Only Half of What You See".

As a fan of the old Hogan's Hero's television serial, one character comes to mind when studying the collective accomplishments of this evil empire. All together now ... "I know nothin, I see nothin".

I'm glad to be a part of the Condo Communicator team and to have contributed in a slow, gradual way! That's enough about "Nothin" for now!

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