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Should the Shores' Community Pool be open to all homeowners?

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Managing Editor
April 17, 2009

Earlier today I was E-Mailed a copy of a letter that was mailed to a Shores resident that has been the subject of some of my recent columns. All I am at liberty to disclose is that she was a candidate for the Conquistador Condominium Board and her husband is seeking a seat on the Service Corporation Board of Directors.

Due to legal ramifications, I will only state that I was named within the letter and that the letter's originator appears to be a regular follower of this online publication. (Thank You for that!) The statement that caught my attention is as follows;

"Have your husband bring all his witnesses to court, including Mr. Christopher Mims (Who seems to know so much about the Shores and all the meetings - just as if he attends them)"

As a long time journalist, I would like to state to the writer of the letter and others that attendance at a particular event is not a necessary prerequisite to reporting on a story! Print Journalism is comprised of fact gathering and disseminating information as presented, in order to prepare and present as thorough and truthful a story as possible to the end reader. To the best of my knowledge, this publication has offered everyone equal opportunity to submit information for publication. Please also realize that my personal life has more meaning than to subject myself to the apparent abuse that is filtering throughout the community and at board meetings.

Lastly, most of my available "Free" time is dedicated to special submissions to Scientific American Magazine, in which I have been a "Special Projects Editor" for some years, as well as other special editorial projects. Feel free to follow the link to various editorials that I have written over the past couple of years.

As stated previously, I am a journalist, not an extremist or politician. I was asked at the beginning of this year to assume control of this publication and help it grow and you are proof that I have done just that. Thank You once again for including me and extending "The Invitation To The Party".


The person whom did not have the courage to sign the letter in question speaks from both ignorance and fear. If you are going to attack someone at least be adult enough to sign your name. The author of said letter clearly is as uninformed as she/he states Mr. Mims is to be. (which I assure you is an inaccurate accusation) If the letter writer would like to talk to someone whom IS indeed informed and has done her research on the issues, call me directly and I would happily talk to you in an adult fashion. Stop hiding behind a pen and paper.

Kristen Thomas
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