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Should the Shores' Community Pool be open to all homeowners?

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Fellow Candidate Kouremetis,

I sat next to you at Candidate's Night and I found you to be a respectful, friendly, honest man. It pains me to see you post that I am a part of a 'Gang of 4'. I assure you that I am not, nor are the others, running as a 'Gang', we are simply four concerned homeowners whom agree on many topics, have a different set of strengths, and in this economy, are running together to save money; as is true for any costs money. We do not have any agenda other than to change things that are askew currently for the betterment of our community and those whom live in it. Each of us own homes within this wonderful development and are concerned about making it a safer, more efficient place to live. Speaking only on my own behalf, I can only say that some of your comments in this blog offend me as I am an honest, christian, and open person who will not participate in 'mud slinging' of any sort.

Do homeowners give up their voice by voting for us? Most certainly not, in fact, I hope to give them more of a voice than we, homeowners, have had in recent times.

As far as the Lawn Care Contract, I was asked if in 'my opinion' the contract was given to the wrong firm...what I stated was "...if it were simply a matter of money and the difference in price were only a few hundred dollars difference, then I didn't have a problem with it. However, we are talking THOUSANDS of dollars difference and I have the notes from the Open Bid Meeting to prove it, and in this economy we have to watch every penny." I had wanted to finish with giving the actual numbers stated at that Bid meeting but ran out of my allotted time. I was giving my honest opinion, without agenda. You also forget that when nearly every candidate had more to say at that Night I gave up some of my speaking time to let them finish...yourself included. I did this as I believe that if you or anyone had something important to say you should say it.

As I can only speak for myself in this comment and will not speak for others, I am running for the board to do one thing: SERVE THE PEOPLE WITH AN OPEN MIND, HONESTY, and RESPECT. That is my agenda.

Respectfully & Sincerely,

Kristin Thomas
Board Candidate

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As another member of the "Gang" that you have mentioned, I feel it important to state what my agenda consists of regarding the Shores Community.

One of my largest concerns is the fact that many homeowners are facing financial uncertainty as a result of a "Strained" economy. As a governing body, we must face the realization that more homeowners are losing jobs and defaulting in the payment of association fees.

Currently, association fees is our only revenue stream. It is my opinion that the only other source of income at present time is our Riverview Club Facilities. If elected, it is my intention to work on a management plan to eliminate deficit spending within the facilities, while using our "Community Center" as the central marketing point for our community.

If a community can not generate "Positive" growth, it dies, property values plummet and buyers stay away. If using our facilities as part of a plan to invigorate our community is considered having a "Special Interest" then so be it. Anyone concerned about dropping property values, foreclosures and the glut of homes currently on the market should support "This" Special Interest candidate.


Keith Goldstein

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I was offended by your reference that four individuals who did not know each other prior to attending Service Corp meetings are a part of a "Gang". This language has very negative connotations and I resent it being used to describe four people who came together out of a desire to serve the community. I have always known you to be a fair man so lets be fair. We decided to run as a team for the very reasons Mr. Baker stated that he was unable to get anything accomplished. He did not have board support. I do not think Mr. Baker had a special agenda. He simply wanted to make needed improvements and add some parks, among other things. He was unable to accomplish this because he did not have enough votes from other board members. I believe the current board has a special agenda and that is to represent a few homeowners rather than the entire community. Shame on them!

The four of us do share common goals but we are not a "Gang". Out of professional courtesy, please refrain from using this word to describe us.

Please keep in mind that no one has control but the homeowners. If we do not accomplish what we have promised, in the next two years, the owners can vote us out of office. Control belongs to the homeowners. We want to give it back to them.

Angela Bunkelman
Shores Homeowner
Board Candidate

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