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Should the Shores' Community Pool be open to all homeowners?

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June 15, 2009

After another 'amusing' albeit long St. Augustine Shores Service Corp. meeting last week, I had time to review my videotape of the meeting and really think about just how unclean the majority of the Board Members are and how self-serving and ignorant to the community they continue to be.

Case in point: So as not to 'infringe' on the current membership of the Shores Recreation Association with the inclusion of young people and families, a committee was appointed to spearhead a "Recreation Committee" charged with handling events and activities for the younger homeowners and families, as admitted by the Rec Assn.'s President Nancy Willis, her association was not structured to handle events for younger persons and she herself doesn't have the opportunity to interact with younger families. Oh yeah, I did forget something...Nancy Willis is the CHAIRPERSON for this new committee. What is wrong with this picture????

I do have to say that after the meeting, Ms. Willis did approach me and asked if I would be on the committee and if I knew of anyone else around 'my age' who would be interested in helping out or serving on the new committee. Now, knowing FULL WELL exactly how Ms. Willis feels about children, I hesitated in my response for a moment. I then cautiously agreed with one thing on my mind...if I don't step up for people and families 'my age' then we will be saddled with a committee of persons from the Rec Assn., led by Ms. Willis, who knows not of whom she will plan activities for. In case you didn't know or forgot, in a past meeting prior to elections, Ms. Willis spoke her disdain for children aloud. Yes, this is really someone I want planning activities for me and families in our community! I think not.

In case all of you miss it, don't hear, or are not told our ENTIRE COMMUNITY in the Shores will have FREE USE OF THE POOL on July 18th AND a family fun day in August... although I don't know just how 'fun' it will be given the short amount of time there is to raise sponsorship monies or will be held. AND, so as not to keep you all in the dark YOUR Service Corp.

President, Jerry Zinn, has graciously given seed money of $2,000 for the Family Fun Day. Wow. In this economy, coupled with the Shores 'budget shortfalls' (I use the word 'budget' loosely) I for one would have rather had more time to plan the Family Fun Day and get sponsorships...not using a single dime of YOUR MONEY from the 'budget'.

Well, it is what it is. It is my intention to hit up a few of our Shores' vendors for sponsorship in order to give back to the community...our attorney's, our lawn service company, pest control service... and let's not forget The Current Recreation Association itself and SASCA. I will be sure to hit up everyone I can for sponsorship donations so they all can have the opportunity to "give back to the community they serve.

CALLING ALL PERSONS 'MY AGE' (let's use the demographics of 25-62) If you would like to be a volunteer, committee member, or anyone with a business of entertainment or planning, please contact me at: or call 377-6755.

My thanks in advance for your help.

Kristin Thomas
Shores Resident
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