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Should the Shores' Community Pool be open to all homeowners?

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It is with great respect and dignity that I announce my candidacy for the St. Augustine Shores Service Corporation Board of Directors.

Although legally the Service Corporation is a homeowner’s association, I feel that it should be operated as a small town. We need to take a small town business approach to the current issues.

10 years ago I was heavily involved in the municipal government of Windham, New Hampshire. I was elected to the Board of Selectman, had previously served as chairman of the planning board and represented the town as a county planning commissioner. During my term as Planning Board Chairman we enacted a Capital Improvements Finance Committee, which took into consideration all town present and future improvement needs, costs and priorities, while formulating a continuous 7 year budgeting plan resulting in a controlled property tax structure.

A similar approach should be taken to our collection of association fees as we plan and budget for the present and future needs of our community. It is important, in these tough economic times, that we plan more and spend less.

With renovations, maintenance and upgrades needed to the Riverview Club building, pool facilities, shuffleboard courts, and parks, a comprehensive plan is needed. When I attend Service Corp board meetings and hear how many homes are for sale, homeowners behind in maintenance fees or in foreclosure it is alarming.

It is my intent to take a proactive stance to restoring our communities marketability. We have the community assets and amenities to generate income and attract new buyers if properly managed, maintained and operated. The continued failure to address these issues is only hurting our property values.

During my past political reign, I experienced many of the issues and concerns facing the Shores, an older town experiencing growing pains, blended with an old way of thinking.

Windham was a town of approximately 20,000 homes experiencing 10% growth per year. I learned quickly that if we grew our ideas together, old and new, we could accomplish great things. Probably the most important lesson that I took from these experiences was the easiest way for a community to overcome any obstacle is if elected officials enact a policy of inclusion, not seclusion. We had many town hall meetings, asking and begging for community input and it worked! We created committees for everything and enjoyed the benefits of working together.

If elected, my intent is to listen to your concerns and address the issues. My wife Linda and I love this community. My wife’s roots to the Shores go back to the 1970’s. Her grandmother (Micki Pepin) was one of the original founders of the Shores Recreation Association.

Remember, I can only accomplish these goals with your help. I possess an MBA in International Business and the necessary experience and dedication to get the job done. My belief is that the elected board is merely a governing body. You, the homeowner are the legislator. Please use your vote to elect me as your representative. Together we can restore pride and put "Unity" back in the community.


Vice President, Board of Directors
Tru-Voice Communications, Inc.

President, Board of Directors
St. Augustine Strategic Emergency Response Team (SASERT)

Over 6 Years in Municipal Government, Town of Windham, NH
Windham Town Selectman
Chairman, Planning Board
Chairman, CIP Finance Committee

2 Years County Government
Planning Commissioner, Rockingham County, NH

MBA, International Business
University of Central Florida School of Business

BS, Business Administration
Whittemore Business School, UNH

Feel free to contact me via email or phone with your personal goals and vision for the St. Augustine Shores.

Thank You,

Keith Goldstein
18 Cristina Court
(904) 797-4115
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