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Should the Shores' Community Pool be open to all homeowners?

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The candidates for the Service Corporation Board of directors were invited to a SASCA sponsored candidate's night which was held on Thursday March 5, 2009. Eleven (11) candidates announced their intent to seek Board seats and five (5) of these candidate were in attendance.

The information provided in this post is an attempt to identify the candidates, their position on the issues and their intentions for the community, if elected to the Board.

Three (3) homeowners, two (2) in attendance at candidates night and one (1) that is embedded in the community, have contributed to this editorial. Where available, additional information has been gathered from marketing materials provided by the candidates. We will list them in alphabetical order with our collective view on each;

Mr. Baker currently serves on the existing Service Corp Board as Vice President. Prior to candidates night, he had been considered a calm, rational contribution to the Board. The concern to our panel is that when questions were raised regarding his son's awarding of the recent landscape contract, he became very defensive in protecting his son. Baker further proposed ideas with regards to building a kiddie pool, basketball courts and other outdoor recreational projects. What he never mentioned was how these projects would be funded. This six (6) year Board member was not able to list any accomplishments during his tenure, other than recommendations that he has made.

It is our opinion that Baker has some good ideas that have not been implemented by his board. Although a father should stand up for his son, fiscal responsibility comes first. Baker is appearing to be a one dimensional special interest candidate and it is a concern.

Ms. Bunkelman was clearly the star of candidates night. Bunkleman confronted all questions head on and offered sound, quality responses to all of the issues facing the Shores. She has aligned herself with Three (3) other like minded business professionals and believes that it will take teamwork to create unity in the community.

Angela's campaign announcement stated that the elected board needs to operate efficiently while taking a professional business approach to the issues facing the community. She clearly demonstrated, at this event, that she is up to the challenge.

Mr. Burrell was not in attendance at this event, nor has he announced his candidacy through either the community paper, The Condo Communicator website or answered an invitation to attend Candidates Night.


Mr. Goldstein stated his intent to create a small town atmosphere in the Shores. Much like Angela Bunkelman, he confronted the questions and issues head on. He further demonstrated that he intends to hold the line on spending and pull the condo communities into the decision making mix while assuring that they get what they pay for. Goldstein appears to be the "Finance Manager" on the team that Bunkelman eluded to earlier. Goldstein stated experience in municipal government, business administration and private industry finance.

Goldstein's platform centers around planning before spending and he demonstrated his hard line on costs while defending a homeowner's recently filed lawsuit that would reduce homeowner association fees. Regarding the bid process, Goldstein stated that it wasn't about who got contracts, but rather, do we overspend. It appears that he is all about your money.

Mr. Gringer was not in attendance at this event, nor has he announced his candidacy through either the community paper, The Condo Communicator website or answered an invitation to attend Candidates Night. The only information that we have is that he is running as part of a special interest group that hopes to continue to control the Riverview Club Facilities.

Although not announced, it appears that he is running on Allan Baker's "Protect the Lawncare Contract" ticket. Like Baker, he intends to provide a kiddie pool and other outside amenities for residents of all ages.

It is our opinion that this likable candidate is not ready for the big stage. His role mightd be best served in a committee role and working with other community members that endorse his ideas. There appeared to be no opposition to any of his plans but the ability to fund such projects. With the right Board of Directors leading the charge and community support, his ideas, like Baker's, have merit.


Raff was unavailable for Candidate's Night, due to a pre-scheduled cruise. He did provide a statement that was read to all homeowners. Raff has endorsed the team approach and appears to be the "Operations Leader" of the team previously mentioned in this column. Raff has over forty (40) years experience in municipal government public works operations and a clearly defined belief in excellent customer service.

This candidate currently serves as the Vice President of the Shores Architectural Control Committee and has demonstrated his leadership skills recently by contacting the St Johns County Roads & Bridges Division and having several problems within the Shores corrected. He has also made contact with the Florida Department of Transportation and had changes or repairs made to two traffic signals along US 1. His experience will be helpful do to the continuing infrastructure needs of the Shores. Raff intends to work closely with the county in addressing drainage issues and other infrastructure problems.

The only information that we have on this candidate is that he is employed by Baker Landscaping. Terrell was not in attendance at this event, nor has he announced his candidacy through either the community paper, The Condo Communicator website or answered an invitation to attend Candidates Night.

Kristin has stated that she is a strong communications professional and demonstrated that at Candidate's Night. Her campaign consists of taking a transparent approach to business between the Board of Directors and the homeowners through better communications. She has further revealed that she will be running as part of the team mentioned earlier. Although not as polished politically as her teammates, she appears to have the best interest of the homeowners at heart and will use her communications and marketing background to rally the community to new ideas and get them involved.

She has stated that community means everything to her and security concerns could be addressed by hosting neighborhood block parties and community events where everyone gets involved, bands together for the common goal and learns to look out for each other. Ms. Thomas' breath of fresh air, marketing background and lack of a political agenda would be an asset to the community.

Mr. Weingaertner currently sits on the Board of Directors and was unavailable at Candidate's Night. We have been informed that Weingaertner may be under an investigation regarding his attempt to defame and discredit a candidate for the Board. We have no additional information to provide.


Ms. Willis informed SASCA that she would be unable to attend Candidate's Night. The only information that we have is that she is president of the Recreation Association group that hopes to continue to control the Riverview Club Facilities.
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